Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lagrimas de Sangue

"Love is sad, sympathetic and respectful."
"Passion is joyous, confident and in the moment."

Then you are passion and I am love.

You let me know,
You didn't want me to need you,
So I freed myself
And now I dont need anything anymore.

You miss my warmth,
You miss my touch,
You miss the intensity
Running through my body.

My consciousness,
My chestiness,
My love for art,
My perseverance,
Always drives you back.

My affectionate nature
That taught you so much,
My touch anywhere, anytime,
My love, my tears,
Always ready to forgive.

I miss everything,
I want to share anything.
I'd meet you in hell
To feel your gaze penetrate
My eyes, my heart, my soul.
To taste the nectar of your kiss,
Your firm hands around my body,
Your fire inside me.

I'd go the distance,
I'd travel far,
Mentally, spiritually,
I'd give everything
For moments of joy
Beside your body.

You fueled a passion
That is now in embers,
You inspired timeless poems,
Your proud ideas and standards
Taught me discipline.

You awakened a desire
I cannot put to sleep,
With you or without you
I live our fantasies,
Practicing for our meeting.

I'd take any direction
If it meant meeting you,
But you don't need me
And I don't need you,
So we'll wait it out
Until we're lonely enough
To be rescued by someone else.


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