Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Be Love

To be love,
To have loved,
To have lost,
To have learned to be lonely.

To be loved,
To have love,
To be found,
To be faithful.

To be love,
To have joy,
To be guided,
To be sensible, compassionate.

To watch his heart reach passionately,
To feel his soul light up,
To know I'm not the one,
To feel helpless saying no.

To see young hearts in despair,
To watch fools fake relationships,
To be lost, To be helpless,
To seek love.

To breathe love,
To remain single,
To have seen too much to pretend,
To be free,
To have faith in dreams.

To be loved,
To live a life of choice and talent,
To be, To accept, To forgive.
To love, To fight, To live,
To love, To be loved


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