Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Loose Leaf

I'm a loose leaf surfing the breeze
Carried along by human wind
Vulnerable to your icy fingers
Sensitive to your heart's vibration
I feel everything you deny
I give you vision
But cannot open your eyes

The cold freezing
Breaking my crispy edges
I float on rivers of remorse
I swim in oceans of forgiveness
This weather has come to heal
This cold will freeze desires
Crystalize the love
The sorrow of unfulfilled fantasies

This weather will break the illusion
It will undue the spell
I've casted upon myself
The white snow will cover me
Lighten my dark mistakes
The ice will shock my soul
Revive my sleeping heart
Give me a chance at love

Your rough fingers pierced a hole
A wound in the center of my soul
Tearing me from the inside
Consuming me with frustration
Exposing all that's lacking
Absorbing all that's pain
All that's love

I'm floating in regret
I'm sorry for the things I said
I wanted an open lover
An honest friend
But all I got was pain

I'm floating in the wind
I won't see you again
I'm lost in the winter cold
In a heart of solitude
Surrounded by love

I set myself for failure
When I fought against nature
When I prayed for a miracle
To change a man's essence
My luck is that they're coming
My luck is that they're looking
They're coming to get me
They're looking to make me
Their love queen

They'll make medicine out of me
They'll squeeze the life from my veins
They'll juice the talent, the wisdom
They'll make a guide out of me

Meanwhile I surf the breeze
I'm moved by wind chill
Lost in regret
Sorry for everything
I shouldn't have said
A loose leaf in the cold air
Tearing from the inside
Freezing from the edges

Vulnerable to frustration
Sensitive to rejection
Welcoming desire
Praying to God
For more love
For more light
Building momentum
Floating along
Cold, in love and alone


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