Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To My Lover

I'm enclosed in his soul
He enfolds me in love
He embraces my heart
Envelops my body
With the light of his spirit

He opens me up
Tears down my walls
Drills into my essence
Stretches me open
Exposing the hurt
I quietly endure

He pleases my body
My mind, my soul
He opens the door
And I rush through
Racing into his body
Diving into his being
I hold on with all my limbs
Like a young child
Deprived of love

We lay awake
Talking, thinking, listening
Figuring out
Ways to eliminate the sickness
The fear eating my heart
We stay up playing music
Writing poetry
We stay up making love
Falling into each other's body
Playing inside each other's soul

He loves me, kisses my forehead
Lets me know he adores me
He teaches me different ways
Different methods of cultivating
My health, my emotions
My broken feelings

He shows me, he draws me
A world free of pain
Free of trouble
Where I don't have to worry
Where I don't have to fear
For the hurt, the wounded
The blind, the sick

He welcomes my beauty
My innocence, my light
He reaches deep inside
My essence
He brings me to life
Into his world
Of magic, of soul, of music

He plays my body
Intensely, soulfully
He uses me
Like one of his guitars
Hitting every note
Fiddling every curve
Awakening every organ
He plays me
Like a divine instrument
He creates sounds with my body
We chant, we create holy rituals
We become ecstasy

He exhausts his talent
Pleasing, pleading, praying
For my well being
As I lay worried next to him
The storm in my belly
Gets the best of me
Fear takes me away
But he pulls me back in
Harder, tighter, in love
With sentiment
He reminds me
We have each other

And I let him in
Deep inside me
Where I locked away
My feelings
Where I buried
The infatuation
I once felt for him
Where I hid the love
That sprouted when we met
All because in the beginning
He feared I was a crazy lady
When I was just crazy for him

I ran away, afraid of pain
I locked myself inside my heart
I numbed my feelings
I left, I traveled
I tried different souls
But his light always brought me back
His love, his passion
His sensuality, his caring heart
His healing hands, his strong body
His captivating energy
Brought me back to his bed
Time and time again

And now we're here
Satisfied, happy, comforted
Within each other's reach
Alive in each other's body
Making time to feel
Free, lifted, pleased
Laying together
Till responsibility knocks
Or till we're exhausted
Of taking and giving
Of pleasing and desiring
Of fantasizing and needing

You know me so well
I can't hide much
Besides my pain
My heartache
Attached to memories
Of a ghost

When I'm alone
I try to heal
I gather my pain
I break it, Grind it
Turn it into powder
I mold it, Transform it
I manifest love
But there is always more

I'm happy you're here
I'm glad we're close
For the first time
Or for the millionth turn
The universe
Played its tricks on us
Separated to teach
Broke to fix
Set us apart
Sent us away
On separate journeys
On single missions
To guide, to learn
The value of soul connection

God blessed us
Brought us close
Once again
In light, in love
Through talent, with purpose
With pure energy and force

And even though we're free spirits
We know
We're part of each other's soul


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