Sunday, August 18, 2013

I miss you

I haven't exhausted my heart completely
I haven't given everything to this love

I'm still waiting for your soul to find me
I still believe you'll come for me this lifetime

I'm craving a love I've only longed for
We were only together in my fantasies

What else is left
for me to give to you, my love
What else can I learn
from this surrender

Lover, you know me so well
And yet, your reason can blind you
Show me your purposeful heart
Share with me your majestic spirit

I want to scream
I want to reach out
But I know
you won't see me with holy eyes

It's time like these
I wish you'd let me love you
Let me guide you
Let me show you

How selfish is that
Desiring to free you for my benefit
How self centered would I be
To awaken you, so you could love me

I want to call and say I miss you
I want to knock and say I need you
I want to hug and feel you
I want our lips touching again

These affairs fade away
I'm not concerned with missed dates
I'm not excited for any meeting
It is you that I want to love in the finale

It's you, infatuating my heart
It's your light, contagious in my soul
It's your image that always comes first
It's you, I've been waiting for

I feel your heart calling
This feeling tortures me
The calling of your soul
For my unconditional love

Denying my desires
only made me hungrier
I long to be entangled with you
Intertwined with your soul

To touch your face
To lay my body beside you
To feel you close to my heart again

Wake up, my love, I miss you


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