Sunday, August 18, 2013

No right way of conduct

There is no right way of conduct
In a world where people cultivate
Disgusting feelings such as hate,
jealousy, greed, insecurity
There's no appropriate way to act
When everyone's sickness is different

There's no proper way to be
When some are free spirits
but others are locked in cages
While some are seeking cures
And others are spreading diseases
While some are sharing unconditionally
And others are contained in self made prisons

In a world where few are fearless
And many are afraid of change and instability
You can't be too spontaneous
Too impulsive, too sweet, too loving
You must think twice before you show
Your true colors, your genuine emotion

In a world where many are filled with fear
Afraid of anything different from themselves
Afraid of looking bad in the light of your good will
Afraid of not being good enough compared to your charity
Afraid of your art because they might die
without creating anything worth remembering

There's no real way to know how to behave
When some are rooting for you to fail
While others who can help are standing by doing nothing
In a world of tortured, tamed minds
The artist is exploited and casted out
In a world of mental illnesses and spiritual diseases
Those attempting to heal themselves are outcastes

And don't you dare attempt to show your true feelings
Don't you dare esteem yourself or others "too much"
Someone is bound to dislike your freedom
Of thought
Of expression
Of love
Of ambition
Of prosperity

Don't you get too talented, too rich, too beautiful
Or they will cast you out like a leper
You see, some friends watch you like a TV series
They enjoy the first couple of seasons
They praise your thoughts, support your ideas
From behind the screen
But as soon as your ideas begin to expand
And your storyline starts to take a new turn
They will get mad, begin to criticize
Your personal decisions about your own life

When you start to go in a different direction
To challenge their beliefs
To surpass their harnessed understanding
They will withdraw, stop watching you
They will cancel you
After welcoming you into their homes
And showering you with excitement and kind words

You see,
there is no appropriate way of conduct
So be yourself
Do what you want to do
Say what you'd like to say
Scream, run, curse, confront
Give, show, heal, grow
And drive far far far away
From those standing by
Poking fun
Waiting for your show to be canceled
Rooting for you to burn


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