Saturday, August 3, 2013

Your guarding Intuition:

Loving yourself and listening to your intuition can be the deciding factor between being dead or alive. 

A person who doesn't have self esteem, who doesn't recognize the beauty and worth of their spirit might allow a rapist, a murderer, an abuser, into their lives, even after their first impression and intuition have alarmed them. 

The intuitive signal usually comes through fear or disgust, you'll feel repulsion at first sight, or a cold chill will run down your back when you hear their voice.

The devil has somehow convinced us that these alarming signals, negative feelings and intuitive reactions, are "the spark" or attraction. 

Attraction is a positive reaction, you shouldn't experience fear and doubt when you're being attracted to someone you could potentially fall in love with. 

You should feel admiration, excitement, appreciation for their beauty and presence. You should feel good next to their spirit, not uncomfortable, unfit, fearful, doubtful, low self esteem, insecurity.

A positive potential love match or friend intrigues you in a positive manner, they inspire compliments, they bond with you, reciprocate the same admiration and appreciation. 

I do understand that negative criminal characters will act like a friend, will pretend to be a compassionate lover, but even in these cases, even when someone is lying and pretending, your intuition will warn you, you will have recurring thoughts about their loyalty and genuineness. 

So listen to your heart, but most importantly listen to your intuition, your conscience, your senses, your feelings, your thoughts about everyone and very situation and opportunity you encounter. Your intuition can save you a lot of stress, heartache, problems, and even your life.


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