Sunday, August 4, 2013

Conversations with friends...

The infinite soul and knowledge of being in the now, in spiritual consciousness.
We are one when we share unconditional love, when we feel with our soul.
Be more spirit and less body, more silence and less thoughts, more being and less doing.
In practicing being still you will find your wisdom, the wizard that you are, hidden inside your spirit.

Your body is full of energy, your eyes filled with light and wonder, your heart is seeking and creating and sharing beauty.
You are the most beautiful entity to come alive within you, all beauty, peace, love, serenity, arise from you, you are the creator manifesting your happiness, purpose, self fulfillment.

Surrender to light, get lost in nature, apply energy, recycle power, build strength to conquer fears, dream to kill reality. The body of a warrior, the mind of a wizard, the soul of a God, the heart of a man in seeking.

Oneness, sovereignty, solitude in the midst of crowds, completeness in an empty room, fulfillment in being one with the soul.
Jump into the deep waters of your soul, dive deep to meet God waiting.

I thought my love for you was unconditional, true, virtuous, passionate, undying. And then I learned that I am love, unconditional, true, virtuous, passionate, eternal. And that is why I long to share and love with you.

I love that part of you that is reflected within my soul and expressed in my thoughts and feelings, I love your soul that I mirror in my being.


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