Saturday, August 3, 2013

Force field

This force I feel is real
The closer we are the stronger I feel
You are lightening striking my heart
Charging every cell with desire
Our appeal is surreal
Our fantasies are never finished
Euphoria of the senses
I'm drawn to your passion
Thoughts of you soothe my soul
I meditate when I think of you
There are no limits 
No limits in our fantasy world
I go the distance, I travel far
Surrender virtues, give up my pride
When I think you've moved on
You strike again and again
Frying my brain
You take away all common sense
Looking at you looking at me
Your tender eyes ask for my blessing
You come to me naked in shame
And I clothe you in my nymph robe
Keep my heart, use my love
It has no use without you
I made the choice to be alone
But you're always around
My days are a fight of heart and reason
Sometimes reason wins and I find sleep
But lately passion has me defeated
So I write, I rend my soul, I accept you
And you anxiously watch
Withholding, waiting, fantasizing
As we draw closer once again


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