Sunday, August 4, 2013

To girls, about men....

When they are not looking at pictures of us they are asking us for pictures.

When they're not listing the reasons why they are single or making lists of traits they want in a woman, they are out looking for us. 

When they break up with us they go hang with their ex girlfriends or girl friends if they have any. 

They chase us, they admire us, they dream of being surrounded by a bunch of us. 

We were made for them, without us their life doesn't make sense. 

Don't chase them, don't bother them, don't fight them, criticize, belittle, hate, mistreat, use or play them. 

Let them chase you and show you how much they need you, it's what they do. And don't hate them because you've been wounded by some lost souls, just like there are lost girls there are also lost men. 

Don't categorize them, they're all different and if you're patient you'll meet good matches. 

Lookout for those who embrace their divine essence, those who are faithful to their heart, the ones who are sovereign, independent, resourceful, creative, healthy, the ones who love themselves. 

For he who loves himself has the ability to love you. I love men, some of my best friends are guys. We aren't that different, don't be fooled by their tough act. 

They just want to be loved, just like you.


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