Saturday, August 3, 2013

God and relationships...

People always ask me, "Why aren't you married?", "Why aren't you with the man you fell in love with?", "Are you afraid of taking risks?", "Why don't you date?", "Don't you want to grow old with someone?".

Well, I love God and I love myself, and when I fall in love with a man who loves God and himself as much as I love God and myself we might have a shot.

If a person doesn't have a spiritual foundation then all they are is a changing state of mind ruled by the senses and circumstances. They identify with their role in society and their possessions, and if they should ever lose their social status and possessions their state of mind will be affected. And if all they have as guidance is their senses they will break completely.

A faithful man will seek refuge in God, he will pray for growth, he will see in his struggles an opportunity for growth. He'll be open to changing careers, he'll seek support in his community, his family. If he suffers a loss in material resources he will utilize his supply of love. For he knows that God is compassion, unconditional passion, universal wisdom, and those who cultivate God in their hearts are able to attract whatever they need and desire. He knows that the more he loves the more he'll be loved, the more he gives the more he'll receive.

A spiritual man knows that there are no struggles he cannot overcome with God. So why date someone before getting to know their character, their nature, without first knowing if they are spiritually prepared to lead you, compromise with you, love you and accept you no matter the circumstances.

Strength isn't just measured by how much you can dead lift, how many people you can get to go on dates with you, how much money you earn, how many friends you have. Strength is measured by how much you're willing to struggle to overcome your insecurities and fears and learn to accept and love who you are and what you're made of. There's nothing more attractive than those who love themselves and cultivate their spiritual kingdom.


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