Saturday, August 3, 2013


My beautiful beast,
My muse, my Aries.
Son of Apollo,
God of the sun,
You set fire to my heart
And make love to my soul.
Child of the zodiac,
Son of Zeus,
King of my heart,
Lover of my soul.
My Eros,
shooting golden arrows at my heart,
Covering me in dove feathers.
Your graceful beauty
charms the beauties,
Your winged heart
a bittersweet treat
to your victims,
Enchanting hearts
and fleeting affairs,
Leaving souls to burn in despair.
To me you're a gift from Anteros,
Charming spirit,
reciprocal passion,
Mutual desire and affection.
As your Psyche,
my heart is protected by your bow,
You shield me from men's ill intent,
You guard me
with your piercing arrows
of infectious lust.
Perpetual infatuation
keeps me enfolded in your soul,
And no matter where our bodies go
Our hearts will always search
for the intensity we evoke.


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