Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The price of solitude isn't that much more expensive than that of wasted time.
The time I spend alone pays off in wisdom, while most of the time I spend with others costs me my health and sanity.
Hanging around frivolous words and thoughts and actions can flood your mind, cloud your thinking, brainwash you into adopting the thoughts of others as your own.
Being around that which does not benefit your soul health, allowing foreign thoughts to fill your brain can deter you from your purpose and ultimately take from your happiness.
We must not allow others to influence us, unless their influence can help us become more of ourselves.
Create your own desires, your own dreams, or you'll inevitably be influenced into believing you are to satisfy the desires of others or to live out their dreams.
Spend time alone, with your thoughts, silently sit and be an audience to your soul.
In the end it is more beneficial to be lied to by your own ignorance than to be at the mercy of the negligence of others.
Solitude will also attract like minded souls who share your interests or calling.
Instead of taking what comes into your life listen to your soul and allow your heart to tell you what you need and who you need to be interacting with.
The law of attraction never fails and if you practice patience you'll reap unimaginable blessings, for the universe will draw you closer to the souls who will bring out the best in you.
The price of solitude is worth every lonesome penny.


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