Saturday, August 3, 2013

A conversation with a friend...

So many fill themselves with anger, with hate, with vain ambitions, to adorn a naked soul, to simulate health, to dress the body with wealth, corrupting the heart, depriving the soul of the love it needs to grow.

Selfish, miserable, filled with hate, angry towards the ones who held a mirror to their face, the ones who embraced their imperfections, kissed every scar, forgave every offense and gave their whole heart.

All I can do is love, everyday, love and pray they'll find their way.

I used to believe that I was fighting for love, now I understand that love doesn't need us to fight for it, nor does it needs us to exist at all. I realized that I've been fighting my soul all along, scared of dying without sharing my heart completely with anyone or anything in this world.

We all want to surrender, to stop climbing, to stop fighting, to give ourselves to a purpose. I've chosen a hard path, I travel a lonely road, once in a while I come across kindred spirits and they reassure me I've chosen the right path for me.

I no longer fight for love, I accept it when offered, I give it without motives, I pray for it to touch the hearts deaf to my voice, the minds blind to my words, the souls immune to my poems. During my travels I have seen enough to realize that I'm not here to save, I'm not here to guide, I'm here to be whatever the world needs me to be--Peace, Love, Compassion, a vessel to my father.


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