Sunday, August 18, 2013


Farewell, my love
Sweet were the times
You made my knees weak
Pulled me in gently
And kissed my lips
Sweet were the times
You swept me off my feet
From spotting me at the gym
To dancing the night away
And cuddling the day away
Under the sheets
From kissing me at every red light
To asking me to be yours for eternity
You had a special way of flattering

To our sweet conversations
And the sweet walks
We took in each other's heart
The journeys we embarked in thought
The dreams we created under the covers
The trips you planned for us
The fantasies we never realized
The relationship that never was
Farewell to being my muse for life

Farewell, my love
You taught me trust
The last man to take half my heart
You kept me from returning
To a soul who gave little or nothing
Compared to your generous offerings
For this I'm grateful
You made me feel wanted, desired
Worthy, satisfied, content
In your fashion, you gave to me
Gifts I'll never forget

Mr. Bright lights
Mr. Random visits
Mr. Ardent encounters
Mr. Numbed hips
Mr. Dapper
Mr. One and only
Mr. Never and forever

Farewell, my love
We were almost lovers
We were almost friends
Bad timing didn't allow
The trust we needed
To flourish in full
My past, your present
Your vices, my habits
My self centeredness
The lies and infidelity

Lover of nothing
I pray you find your way
I wish you the best of today
And if life leads you to water
Drink it, my love, trust in The Lord
Have faith in your purpose
Be the change you wish for
Our paths are different
But our hearts are one
And you carry my love
Wherever you go

Farewell, Beloved
You weren't wrong
Perhaps misunderstood
Misguided and judged
Not everyone can see
The beautiful heart you hold
And in spite our differences
I did love you
I gave you the little I had to give
And I pray it made a difference
In the person you are today
I pray you find your way
And that the unconditional love I gave
Added to your substance today



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