Thursday, March 26, 2015

Energy Chords

My humble observation on energy chords between humans and the planet:

 The only thing we let go of is ourselves, Every other attachment is an illusion that comes with identifying with ego.

 Everyone has a choice, we choose to cultivate chords with others. 
 We often don't realize that there is a real live energy chord connecting us to everyone we care about and sometimes don't care about. 

 You see, even after we stop talking and seeing someone the chord can remain active, either by both or one person constantly feeding the chord and using it to send emotional thoughts. 

The chord must be cut, cut by our minds, our vision, our souls, we must envision the chord between us and them and literally cut the chord as we wish them love and peace and farewell. 

 Sometimes our thoughts are healthy, loving, forgiving, and other times they are packed with anger and hurt. 

Sometimes we send and receive negativity in the form of obsessive thinking, projections of blame and shame and other unhealthy illusions. 

 We must witness our thoughts and relax our minds, we must let negative thoughts go and create thoughts of love and gratitude. 

Fill your heart with love and you won't have space or tolerance for anything else. 

 Every thought you feed feelings to creates a real emotion, creates an emotional folder in your memory. 

Believing and identifying with hurtful, painful, hateful thoughts sets you up for misery every time you take that negative folder out and relive those emotions. 

It impairs your healing, sets you back. You can't stop what you think about but you can control what you create. 

If you don't create negativity you most likely won't have to deal with much of it, other than the people you come across. 

The most important relationship you have is the one with your divine essence, that's the relationship you must cultivate, that's the temple you must keep clean. 

Everything that you think and say can't be erased, you are energy creating energy with every breath you take. 

It is in your power to choose how you feel this very next moment and every moment after that. 

 You are a miracle, you could be anyone but you are you, and there's no one like you and there'll never be. 

Cherish the opportunity to experience this life, cherish your freedom, your canvas, your magnificent planet that gave birth to your species. 

Be grateful for the opportunity to love. This life is truly magnificent, filled with so many gifts, so much friendship, family, art. 

 We have a choice, whether to identify with unnecessary suffering or not. Creating compassionate thoughts, giving gratitude, allowing peace and contentment to overtake your heart, sharing your soul, connecting to life, feeling the world, the universe, cultivating, feeding positive emotion through the chord between you and all humanity, experiencing a compassionate, unconditional, passionate love.

 Letting go of ego, letting go of all fears, letting go of identity and labels. We are light, strength, power, we are magic. 

You are a shooting star flying across the sky, making your own time, shining bright across my heart, guiding my adventures through the driest deserts. I allow our connection, I feed you love and gratitude through our chord. 


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