Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who are you?

Who are you, 
striking me with your fierce gaze, 
looking upon me with curiosity and vulnerability. 
Who are you, inciting rebellion in my heart, enticing my soul with lustful offerings.

Heaven has a house for you, 
illuminated creature, enchanting with endearing songs and lustful pleas. 

From which realm did your alchemist soul emerge, breaking your way into my heart with appealing confidence, Piercing my soul with fearless honesty and mighty arrogance. 

 Fear, stirring in my chest, at the sight of your presence, at the sound of your advances. Terror, frightening me so, taking hold of my hopelessly romantic soul. 

 I know I mustn't consent to empty requests, but what of the joy, the euphoria, the love ballad playing in my chest at the thought of laying my head upon your lap. 

 Sweet pain, to miss your sweet presence; Bittersweet sorrow, to kiss you goodbye; Overwhelming despair to think I might not see you again. 

 Where do you wonder, so fair but far away. To the sun I look and to Apollo I pray, that you might find your way to my humble stay. 

 Descendant of Dionysus, you make merry my soul. Sweet beast, my infatuated heart implores, your rigorous hands to cover my skin, your passionate touch to please my fantasies. 

 When we kiss my soul escapes my body and I float free, my spirit takes flight and follows wherever you lead. 

 Most glorious presence, such comforting peace you grant me, nothing but pleasure and contentment, nothing but love resting upon my chest. 

When I hear your graceful steps approaching, 
 when I'm certain our lips are soon to be touching, 
when you embrace me; 
Venus takes ahold of my soul, 
 my euphoric heart trembles beating wildly like a drum, 
And I'm willingly taken hostage into your lustful realm. 

 I faint into your arms, as if under a spell, enchanted by Aphrodite herself. 
I surrender my love to you, as your goddess, your mistress, your nymph, your muse, your lover, your friend, whatever you fancy me as. 

 As long as you look upon me with endearing, longing eyes, as long as I feel sweet loving affection in your touch, as long as your body burns with intense desire for me, as long as you call me with passion and fire in your voice, I'll remain loyal to your body, faithful to your heart, devout to your soul. 


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