Thursday, March 26, 2015


His head fits perfectly between my breasts, 

His hair feels like feathers between my fingers, 

I smell his skin and kisses and sweaty love, 

Bolts of light traveling through our bodies, 

Shocks of energy coming from his soul to mine, 

Life force cycling through our burning bodies, 

 And he tells me, "I felt it, going from me to you, I felt it", 

 He looks up at me and I lower my forehead to his lips, 

All mingled, breasts and face and lips and mouth, 

 Snuggling like angels cuddling in clouds of gratitude, 

The golden light and angelic embrace of a beast, 

 His legs are finely sculpted trunks of Madagascar baobab, 

 We talk about our desires, we share each other's dream, 

 We have moments of simultaneous clarity, 

 But for the most part we dream, we dream. 


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