Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ever Falling

I fell for his eyes
Soared his blue sky
Lost reason
Gained soul sight

I fell for his lips
Rejoiced in his kiss
Licked finger tips
Carried his skin
On my skin

I fell for his tenderness
Immersed in ecstasy
I lost inhibition
I found my pleasure
Pleasing him

I fell for beauty
Attempted to trap form
And was left holding nothing
But ashes alone

I feel for desire
Tasted sweet deception
Suffered lovers revenge
Drunk from lust
I drowned in bliss

I fell for fantasies
Found emptiness
Gained misery
Saw him fighting demons
Lost in sorrow
He said no to this

I fell for grief
Worshiped shadows
Sacrificed divinity
Swam alone
In a sea of lovers
In my mistake
He found me again

I fell for his mind
And completely lost mine
I fell for his strength
And found compassion
I fell for his weakness
And learned forgiveness
I fell for his conviction
And grew faithfulness
I fell for his heart
And broke mine to pieces
I fell for his soul
And gave him my own

I fell for goodbyes
To find he was growing inside
I fell in love over and over
With the same person
And for the rest of my life
I´ll continue to fall
For to fall is to know
My heart has a home
A man helping me grow
A heart inspiring my prose
A soul connected with mine
Sharing this life


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