Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dwelling in heaven's hell

Dwelling in heaven's hell
Soaring in soul
And grounded in body

Impassionate to fly
But bounded by gravity

Freed in love
And imprisoned in lust

Holding the facts
And searching for theories;

Conscious intuition
Of an unconscious sixth sense

-All breathing one Passion-
Free will-
Conveying healing pleasure
Poisonous rapture

For will without compassion can be illusive happiness
As selfless devotion can lead to self destruction

Truth lies in willful Compassion
In the heart of the noble Samaritan
-In Love shared freely
With no expectancy of reward
Or recognition

All know
Most ignore
Many accept
And few embrace and grow their essence-
Reaching potential
Achieving awareness
Becoming one
In love
In truth
In nature

And when darkness falls and their bodies retire
initiated souls unite in love
All hearts as one-
reaching and inciting sleeping hearts
Of awakened minds-
Who kneel in repentance
And pray to darkness

Conveying through Angels of love-
Heaven's Truth prevails
over hell's will


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