Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Unjust World

Only God to bring justice
To such an unjust world
A place ruled by the ego
They don´t care where you come from
How much you suffered
Who you are at the core
The person beneath the material
Lie asleep corrupted by the fantasy
The reality is sad, robots fill the streets
The people move selfishly
The ones smiling are so few
But enough to lighten this dark theatre
To cleanse my spirit of the sorrow
Inflicted by my sins
My mistakes
Aggravation hangs heavy on my head
We all have our battles
But you don’t have to fight alone
Compassion is imperative
For the sake of this world
Some rather talk
I rather write
To open my soul and dissect what´s inside
To splay my heart open
Examine the hurt
Some choose to withhold
I prefer to bare all
Put it out in the open
To see it, to feel it
To know who I am
In a world found by war
I inspire love
I encourage it, flourish it
Fill my world with it
I live to love, for love, with love
To God, for God, with God
For only he can bring justice
To such an unjust world


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