Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Nature feeds my soul
The ocean washes my spirit
The scent of flowers perfumes my essence
The sun brings me to life
Awakens, revives all that´s rotten inside
It radiates, stimulates, invigorates
My cell growth
Motivates my mind
My soul
Each breath of air purifies me
My lungs, my organs
Renew with each breath stroke
The birds inspire me to fly
To reach high
To build
To try
To reach for the sky
The people inspire me to live
To endure
To fight
To believe in a cure
In a reason, a purpose
To love and be loved
To serve
Nature’s plan strengthens my faith
To live, to work


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  1. I've just been going down the list reading ... wow ... there's so *much* good poetry here ... I can't stop.


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