Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To see you but not to keep you

If one day I see you
And you happen to look my way
I´ll run to your arms
Surrender to your embrace
I´ll give you my heart
And the love I saved for you
Inside my broken heart
That longs for loving you
You are right to move on
In your search for security
I’m a child of the sun
A rainbow, a fading beauty
Disappearing in twilight
I was born to kiss the clouds
Washing over me
Carrying your scent away
Giving me rain to dance in
I’m here to feel heaven´s touch
But not to claim its light
To feel the brush of the wind
But not to trap its breeze
To ride the ocean waves
To respect it
Never to master it
I’m a smile, contagious
A fire burning in the desert
I’m water to quench but not to cure
Like a stream meeting a sea
A sweet and sour merge
Your love carries me distances
To see you for a quick instance
Loving you, touching you
Until we break apart
You bring me to light
And back to darkness
Until I see you again


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