Saturday, July 3, 2010

It’s not what you told me

It’s not what you told me
It’s what I told myself
I’m the only one who sees
They stand against you and me
What is it that enchants me
Transcends me
Eludes my limbic
Defeats reason
I want what I envision
What is it that I do not see
A beauty that could blind me
With you is where I’ll be
I’m reaching, you’re smiling
Standing still or hiding
Pull me up or let me go
To free fall in love
To live
To grow
It’s not what you asked
It’s what I’ve given
Untamed passion
Romantic expression
Unveiled purpose
Helpless, held
I can’t see myself
Forgotten behind bars
What a waste of heart
It’s not what you told me
It’s what I dreamed
That hunts my spirit
Memories float through my mind
From morning to night
I need you right now
For better or worse
To forgive and forget
Embrace your sickness
Be your everything
Who I thought you’d be
What you couldn’t believe
Who you ‘re not makes me
Completes me
If not forever than for a moment
I remember what you told me
But it’s what I told myself that hurts me



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