Friday, July 16, 2010

This Love

This love is poisonous
Passion’s last breath
I plead for a cure
Love’s insatiable lust
Some beauties must be seen
They travel far to be looked at
And when they reach their destination
Adoration and appreciation
They lose sight of themselves
Begin to live for others
Wearing their colors
Sorrow is the interval between two happiness’s
Living the irony, to ignore those who adore us
And adoring those who ignore us
Loving those who hurt us
And hurting those who love us
The foolish human instinct
Not everything is a challenge
There is peace in happiness
No need for chaotic interaction
False excitement in erotic
A pleased man does not raise hands
Tongue taste curiosity
A tool within a tool
Using both me and you
In the land of my body you are king
Here you reign with your star smile
The radiance of pleiades stars in your eyes
Here you reign, here you shine
In our constellation of bodies



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