Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wish...

I could look in your soul tonight
Be dazzled by the brilliant shimmer in your eyes
Swim in your translucent ocean
Ride your wild blue waves
Fall trapped in your seductive current
Immerse in ecstasy!

I wonder who looks into your eyes tonight
Who you Charm
Who you dazzle
Who replaces my marrow
And swims in your cold crystal waters
Who rides your toxic waves
And drowns in your deadly current

I wish I could soar with you tonight
Rise high above the clouds
Let your keen vision lead me
Follow beside your graceful wings

Fly far to find a place just ours
Alight to rest on mount Everest
Make you a nest at its peak
Hunt for you and preen your feathers
Feed you love through my beak
Stay for days enfolded in your dear wings

I wonder who flies with you tonight
Who glides by you Or hides behind
Do you lead or do you follow, I wonder
Are they majestic and clever?
Do they fly with grace and confront the wind?
Could they keep up with me?
But crucially, where do they rest?
In our nest, I wonder

Do you fly there tonight?
Do they replace?
Who enfolds you now?
Whose doomed soul do I envy?


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