Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Am I wrong

Am I wrong to desire perfection
To search your body in every direction
To want you shivering mad
Desiring my every breath

Am I wrong to dream
To smell the scent of your skin
The taste of your lips
To feel the sway of hips
The pain in your grip

Am I wrong to dig
To seize your fears
Exasperate feelings
Breaking down to rebuild
To be the heroine in this story

Am I wrong to endure
When I’m in your eyes happiness is sure
Daring to dream, believing in feeling
Surpassing the reality we live in
Giving without resisting

Am I wrong to believe
You’ve tasted sweeter moments than these
Traveling far to feed the ego
To rule their hearts and be king
Each step is a mistake, our dream farther away

Am I wrong to wait
They want what you couldn’t take
Giving naught in return, not a heart, not a soul
Keeping it has been tough but being broken is worse

Am I wrong to pray
When I’m lost God shows me the way
There is no meant to be, just you turning around and meeting me
Hold on to faith, God guides us safe.

Am I wrong to understand
Pleasure and pain, intertwined polarities
To accept one and deny the other
Going where it feels better
You treat them like lepers, but you’re the one infected

Am I wrong to restrain
To never obey, to do it my way
Hurting their expectations
The life they drew for me
I’ve grown out of it
Drinking, to kill the man you portray
Cheating, to lose everything
Be the bigger man

Am I wrong to leave
To wish you farewell
That’s all that’s left now
No hand to hold, no heart, no soul
You foolishly love
So I leave you alone
Am I wrong



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