Tuesday, May 25, 2010



You came into my life and you took
My time, my senses
I told you I was falling
You said you weren’t sure
How was I suppose to know?
You were taking from my love
From my family, from my friends
Moments I could of spent with them I cried alone in bed
Loving, sharing all my words with you
All my sweetness onto you
I splayed my heart to love you whole
My mind clings to you, my hands reach for you, my lips desire you
Because you took from me
Kisses, months, years
A fiancé, a boyfriend, you took from me
Love complete, you took from me
All I wanted, you took from me
All I shared, you shared with them
And I want it back
I’m taking back what you took from me
And this time I wont’ be merciful
I’m loving you until you’re sick and asking to be cured
I’m loving Baby, that’s how I’m getting you back
You see, there is no pay back, there is no past, there is only love
And at the speed I’m loving I’m catching up fast
So when I sweep you off your feel It’ll be quickly
Fulfilling the prophecy” I always get what I need”
So don’t worry about what you want, I got it for you
When everything feels right those questions will be answered
And I will reclaim everything you stole plus interest
I’m not playing baby, I’m loving
So fast, so much, so sweet, you are unable to see
But when I choose to reveal, the body I choose to conceal
You will see, everything you want I’ve been keeping
The truth is, I’ve taken from you
From your time, from your friends
From your truth, your desires
I’ve taken from your mind, thoughts
I’ve molded you, shaped your virtues
We’ve grown together, shaping each other’s perceptions
I took from you, from your prejudice, misery, rules
I took you by storm and I let you take me
Into this hurricane I find myself caught in
You’re being pushed away from me
I’m holding on to our home, clinging to my love
Until the storm is over
And you’re dried and sober
And we take it all over
What they took from us
I'm taking it back baby


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