Tuesday, May 25, 2010


If love is the desire to share your best
experience the best of everything with the one you want
Then I love
There is no logic in our union
There is no sense in love
Accepting or rejecting doesn’t change reality
Denying love doesn’t stop its growth
Ego illusions may elude the senses
Make believe an ideal love
But love isn’t conceived of reason
It’s a reaction of souls
Awareness shows us what is, what isn’t and what can be
Give up the struggle, let nature take its course
Resistance impairs growth
Accept the love given to you
Respect every compassionate gesture
Don’t deny those who love you
They are there for a reason
You need their love as much as they need to give it
Compassion fuels the souls journey
For when we seek love and understanding we find awareness
Caring for others is caring for yourself
Acceptance is living
Pride impairs reason
Awareness knows no ego
Detached from self we are infinite
Experiencing life in synch with reality
Conscious of a interdependent existence



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