Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Each Day

Each day...
I dive into a sea of remembrance
Bittersweet memories awakens my body
Fantasy waves revive me
The desire to have you, my ecstasy reality
Pain, love, tenderness, touch…
Reliving our experience is electrifying
My heart floats away from me, my soul laughs and giggles
Divine energy fills my veins…righteous ideas…
Oh, Fairy tales of love

Each day…
To look into your eyes, pure fantasy
Oh, the desire you stir within me
Your body… mine, touch filled with curiosity
I get lost in this dream of you, play make believe with you
Oh the light inside you, the good I see within you
My heart plays, laughs with you...And I dream

Each day...
This feeling moves me
Transforms me, builds me--continues to fool me
I see you not with eyes but my soul’s vision
And now--knowing you--knowing the joy
Of another heart lighting up mine
It's a feeling I want in my life
I want you in my life
However, whenever, wherever
I want you in my life
Each day


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