Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lover's Hate

And yes, I will leave you. Now and forever
And if my body shall ever meet with yours it will be for my soul‘s pleasure.

I desire not a kiss from your wretched lips
I’ll forget, who you are, who we were, how we met

And I’ll remember your mean words when my soul calls to yours
How can a heart be so cold, feel so old?

Love is enough, a terrifying rollercoaster with you
I've loved you throughout the mistakes
I am forever and so my love remains

So I leave the idea of a world with you
and move on to a world without you near
Endearing, to believe we can fill our lives and determine roles for people

What role do you take? I'm behind the scenes asking the producer
Why didn’t you film it the way I wrote it?

Hey, you can’t have a say in everything
“Sometimes you’re fucked from the jump”

So we play our parts, and make the “best“ of the “best” we get?
But what is best? And how do you know once you’ve got it?

I can say I’ve shared the best, and for me that will always be enough
I loved wholeheartedly, without one shallow bone in my body

There was never bad timing, only lazy loving
Isn’t that why we're here
To love, to care for those we choose to intereact with

But specially to cultivate your life
So I take care of me and pray for the good in you
Are you sticking to the script, is it working?

Are you happy?
Happy is accepting the now and having no hate from your past
Are you really here?

Because I stand before you, a memory of love, and you hate me? That cannot exist
Where there is love there is hate, but where there is no love there is no opposition

You are a link, nothing more
To believe me, to adopt a new idea of the world seems unreal

Leonardo Da Vinci said it best” He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind”
I’ve been a friend to you and you are blind to that

Maybe you don’t know full independence, I’ve had it all my life
Love isn’t always where you are at, but it is always with you

Loving to hate me



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