Thursday, May 20, 2010

To tame you

To tame you,
I would of played you, acted coy and reluctant,
danced around you like a gazelle in heat,
then pulled away like a proud lioness
I would of put on my saint cast
and hid inside my pessimist armor
l would of hid the effects of being in your presence;
shut off the translucent glow in my heart,
dimmed the peaceful radiance in my eyes
and concealed the joy and delight in my expression
I would of enhanced my beauty
Made my lips plump and desirable, my lashes long and seductive
I would of tempted your curiosity,
worn corset dresses with satin straps, silk skirts with lace edges,
fitted blouses with tempting buttons
I would of remained in bliss, denied my desires,
slowed my breathing, suppressed the vigorous beating
I would of ignored my heart,
To tame you, I would of played you like a worn violin, made your ripped cords sound new, manipulated you, used my talents to hindrance your squeaking
and complimented the tunes you play best
I would of impressed you, showed off my talents
Kissed your heart with my intellect
I wouldn't have opened the doors to my soul,
and gazed into your eyes while we kissed
l would of burned my mark your skin
poisoned you
I would of shared you, passed you around and let others make you squeak, so you would beg to be played by me
To tame you
I would of let my hair down in front of your eyes,
made you scream inside
Rode the wind bare back, twisted your neck
But I never wanted to tame you,
I wanted to set you free
and so l did
At a price

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