Thursday, May 20, 2010

At Love's Command

At Love's Command

Humbled, contented with your presence
Barely rang, didn't pest
Love notes , in text form
I still keep, the sunset you recorded
In small messages, we arranged encounters
Toxic, paralyzing touch
I barely spoke
After I opened Pandora's box
Replaced evil with my light
My logic and wisdom filled the jar
l turned off my gut's alarm
Shut my ears and closed my eyes
Turned my back on my God, stray l followed
No protecting halo
With a poem, Infatuation, I showed my heart
An alien in your eyes, too fast, too soon
You couldn't see the art
You looked away, I was a monster
Unique, you saw but you didn't believe
You still grieved...years had passed since she left
...going in different directions...
Love never parts, my Love
Never dies, it endures distance
It gathers strength in the beloved's eyes
And fights through lousy days and lonely nights
It bares no anxiety and grief
All sorrow is washed away in love's endearing peace
Realized with seconds of truth
Love waits, no hurry
you took from me what life stole from you
long before she wounded your ego
In your eyes, I was weak, no pride, no ego
Unreachable and proud, you chose to part
Agony, excruciating silence
Your best quality
Almost passed, a virgin to neglect
Cold logic judged my actions
I swore you were a different man
Flesh was all you had on me
Wounded and delusional, sweet!
But the heart resumes to beat
Love gains back command
controls the mind like an instrument
And once more, I give in

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