Thursday, May 20, 2010

Magic Tricks


You shone dim that night,
hid the magic tricks
All grace, hope and charm,
you suppressed wild currents,
and your eyes emitted tiny waves
From afar, a translucently hiding human
Then l saw, my eyes freed your currents

You believed a woman's fire could kill
refused to bother with the ones whose flames could revive
You took heat from their flesh, just enough to spark a match
You gave no essence and made it clear you wished the same

Starvation made you weak
With blurry vision you saw me
I am not Immortal, but I am enough to be unforgettable

You wrapped your hands around my waste,
swung me round and side to side
Your touch, soft and precise,
each finger played a note on my body

We moved in sync,
Together, we formed the perfect symphony
In your embrace I was a harp, and you made me sound divine
sweet notes you made me scream
The talented player, the controlled instrument-Our passion
The devils divine perfection

Enfolded in your cold wings
I was your dragon's heart, a doll, so light
so perfect

You set your head between my chest and looked up into my eyes
I couldn't bear the lonely sorrow in your sky-
I gave you my light!
You stole from me that night
More than a kiss - my halo-my soul
every instant of my life, every memory,
every breath- You made your own

Darkness followed me home-
it knew I was naked without you
I felt the night's grief creeping into me
But it was just your after feeling

All nature in one
All pleasure but always uncontained
Pain, trails of fear
Crawling throughout me
Demons shutting all doors
Frost infernal

The laughs
The faces we ripped...
No, don't remember
I can feel your twisted tricks

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