Saturday, March 9, 2013

Two days from now

The bittersweet moment
When I watch your body leave
Aware I'll feel your absence
Within thirty minutes of you leaving
Knowing that I'll start to crave you
In about two and a half days
That's when I'll begin to go insane
Wondering where you are
What you're doing
Where you been
"Do you think you could ever be mine?"
I am yours, love.
"You're mine now"
Could you ever be mine, only mine?
And I can't follow with nothing else
I can't make promises
I can't lie and pretend I know
That forever is in store for us
But I hate to watch you leave
It hurts to see you go
I'm dreading two days from now
For my heart will start calling
My body will start asking
My mind will begin to go crazy
Wanting to see you, hear you
Smell you, taste you, feel you
"I hate to leave you"
Then stay!
"Two days from now
I'll meet you wherever you are"


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