Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The only reality I know is that of transformation through pain.
There must be discomfort for change to happen.
Pain is always present, sometimes it's numbed but it's ever present whether you choose to change and grow or stay the same.
Your personal pain might manifest in the form of self judgment, insecurity, jealousy, hatred, greed, self destruction, obsessions, compulsive disorders, illnesses, etc.
When negative thoughts about yourself or others arise think twice and analyze, try to get to the root of it, there might be an underlying reason, you might be experiencing suffering and masking it by criticizing and judging those around you. If everyone invested their complete energy into loving and cultivating their mind, body and soul there wouldn't be room left for judgment and criticism. Love yourself, don't worry about what others are doing, it's not your business and you don't have any control over it.

Love is what we are, what we share when we give of ourselves,
when we feel with our hearts.
Love is you, being still, in the present,
love is what we experience when we appreciate our soul and that of others

We are all artists, we are all able to create. I am a Poet because I have chosen to be. In one form or another most people can do the same, they can turn a negative into a positive if they choose to. We, writers, have figured out how, we have created a style, a pattern of thought, we have experienced so much emotion, we have felt so much, we have drowned ourselves in desire, in want, in love, so so much that we invented a form of expression, an art, a way to illustrate our experience, to share it, to empty it into something other than ourselves, for God knows it's too much to be contained within us.

It took a long time to get here, to find my place, to create a world I'm happy with, a place I'm comfortable in, a space where I can be my entire self in.
I'm feeding from good sources, I'm creating with love, I'm thinking positively, I'm loving myself, cultivating inner beauty and health.
The outer appearance is the manifestation of what's going on inside, you can see poetry in my eyes, on my skin the glow of a divine love perspiring.
I'm the most patient person I know, probably because I ruminate so much, I think twice, three times before I act. I practice remaining still, keeping my thoughts calm, silencing desire, frustration, anxiety.
I'm blessed to be able to exercise my relentless, persevering determined will power to achieve anything and everything.
I have figured out how to use my body, mind and spirit, and so can you. Practicing compassion, patience, forgiveness, creates peace, eliminates stress, generates love.

I let go of my worries and impulsive thoughts of today to create what I want to become.
My past fuels me with strength and knowledge but it also interferes with today, which is why I must feed on the wisdom it taught me and let go of the bad habits I picked up because of it. So in spite of the painful experiences and impulsive habits that come with having a past I choose to move forward overcoming all that I feel is negative, ignoring all non productive desires, leaving behind all the comforting habits and plunging into the future with everything I've got.

Now lets go to work!


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