Sunday, March 3, 2013


I can feel it coming
A breeze rustling the leafs
A wind whipping the branches on the trees
I can feel the air swirling at my feet
The men throwing petals on my grave
Seeing me wave goodbye before I walk away

I can feel it in the air
A cold chill enveloping me
They're prophesying a love
A man that has been waiting
And creating
Cultivation his soul wealth
Preparing his heart for me

I can feel it coming
In the faces of the men
In the lips I kissed
I've tasted traces of forever
Of a divine nectar
And each hand that touched me
Was missing a nerve
A fearlessness
A passion
A surrender

And every heart I loved
Could not contain me
Their souls failed to sustain me
Their minds didn't stimulate me
So I reclaimed sovereignty
To create, to inspire, to seek
A beauty that can reflect me
A hand that can hold me
A soul that recharges me
Refills me with the love I give

Sometimes I find this man inside me
I pray to him to strengthen and guide me
And through my struggles he loves me
He grips me by my heart
He takes ahold of my soul and inspires me
And that's when I know I'm sovereign
Complete with god's love inside me
And I realize that all I'm seeking is within me
Ready to teach and motivate me

Thank you, Soul
Thank you, God,
Thank you, Heavens
For waking me early
For blessing me with purpose
A gift, a talent
That pleases and teaches
That loves and reaches
The broken, battered fighters
The seekers of beauty and light
Thank you for the potential
To grow and enlighten

All I need I have
All I seek I am
All I love loves me



  1. Simply beautiful, Love. Words are power

  2. Sovereign.....words ring into me with unity!! Beautiful, :-)) I agree

  3. Beautiful, it captures every emotion as it is.

  4. Beautiful, it describes the strength of every emotion.


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