Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Scarred and Scared

My lips say I'm ok to fly alone

My heart screams hold my hand 

I sit and stare at his beautiful face

I try to forget how much I love him  

My mind says I'm ready for the end 

Tears of abandonment choke me 

I want to leave and go cry alone 

The thought of being without him 

The idea of chasing the same love He says he's been happier without

Without the pressure to please me

Without the feeling of failing me  

My hearts bleeds my soul cries 

How can it be that you're leaving 

But he's not going anywhere now 

He just wanted to let me know 

I'm not the only one with weapons 

He too can end this and finish us 

I've threatened to leave many times 

And each time I did it wounded him 

And tonight he showed me the scar 


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