Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Resting on his bed all night 

Making love in the morning 

Laying on his couch all day

Watching popular tv shows 

Eating his parents applesauce  

I think I'll wait for him to return 

His blood is in everything here 

Even the shadows and ghosts 

I tell them how much I love him

He told me he hears the ghosts 

I think that's why we love together 

Yesterday we made a steak dinner 

We fought at the grocery store 

Over nothing, always over nothing 

Well he takes forever to choose 

We grilled two NY strip steaks 

We cooked most things together 

Bacon macaroni and cheese

Peppers, corn, green beans 

It was a very successful diner

We sat together and smoked 

And made love for eternities 

We're headed down the shore 

We're driving to a shore house 

We'll be there for two nights 

I'm sad because no dogs allowed 

But I'm excited to see the ocean 

To feel the ocean together with him 


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