Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moving Slow

We move slow
And we think everything is far
Separated by time and space
Parted by light
Illusive distance
Get over here, stop wasting
Some people are so basic
They need to upgrade the cable in their heads
The universe conspired to join us
If you’re “Madly in love” than you’re probably MAD!
Doing, saying, writing, the same thing
Expecting a different result, insane
These are our daily missions
You win some and you lose some
Move on, on to the next one
There is nothing else on my mind
Once you enter
Maybe it’s unfair
To want you so badly
To love madly
Lose all clarity
We are not truly happy
Until we embrace the present
Give thanks for all we have
And attempt to give as much back as we are given
But we move very slow
And we think everything is far
I march at my own pace
Going fast or slow
Depending on how far
How much you’ve given
Can you match me
Raise me
Share your everything
That’s my offer
But you move very slowly
And think everything is far
Until it hits you and you wake up



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