Saturday, June 12, 2010

Buy You

I sense you around
You are here
Laying beside me
Your smell , our chemistry
No regrets, I get it now
I longed to touch
Now I love without desire
I hear your voice, painfully clear
Your shadow follows me everywhere
You are skeptical, It ‘s ok
My love is unconditional
That’s the beauty of it
If I own it- it’s a property
This is a gift, you’re my blessing
Chance is “hopeless” against love’s will
Brave hearts are bound to find each other
In a sea of devotion and loyalty
Where love is the star- there are no limits
Throughout every dimension
My love sees all
Another day goes by
Night Falls upon us
I express our love
My heart finds you and we dream
I kiss you and you fall asleep
Awake in my fantasies
Creating, preparing
When I step into the light it will be blinding
You will be beside me
When I read our letters
For the beauty appreciated in our union
What I planted will bloom
Eternal love for me and you



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