Tuesday, January 10, 2017


when they smell like newborn skin, 
and you lie breathing them in, 
praying the moment goes on indefinitely, 
and all you feel is gratitude, 
when you can taste touch,  
love passes and stretches,
from tongue to lips to brain, 
love travels from finger tips to bone,
washing your soul skin in rose water,
nourishing the body like first milk.

we lay uncomfortably for love’s pleasure,
pressing our bodies on each other’s limbs,
cutting blood circulation for sweet embraces, 
I reach in my heart and squeeze the anxiety,  
with you I wish to be present and tender,
sometimes I lie my head beside you and watch, 
your breath, the sweat collecting on your chest,
sneaking random kisses through the night,
your heart, a beautifully orchestrated show of lights,
in your eyes, in your arms, in your life, anew paradise



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