Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I look inside my heart and there you are
You sit charmingly on my best memories 
I carry you in my happiest expression 
I feel your wet skin between my fingers
I find you inside every pleasure taken 
Alone in the dark I feed you to my dreams 
When death comes your poems will shine 
And I hope someone tells them that you
You're the one who stopped the longing  
Everything we made is caged in my heart 
I taste pieces of you in every strange kiss 
But there's no shadow pursuing my body 
Gone is the ghost that haunted my heart 
Legs grew longer since hugging your body 
Eyes are wider and vision reaches farther 
I love and accept the reality that created us 
I was a fantasy you checked off your list 
And you gave me the passion I came here to live. 


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