Friday, October 2, 2015


I get out of the elevator and put my heart in my purse,
I quietly knock then turn the door knob, 
The door is left strategically open for me,
I carry my anxious body inside, 
He excitedly meets me at his bedroom door,
There's sunshine in his eyes,
He arches his yellow eyebrows and shares a happy smile,
I can see most of his skin except for the parts covered by his briefs,
I sit on the couch and he lays back on his bed, 
And we proceeded to catch up,
I answer his thoughtful questions with my encased heart and carefully scan his strawberry lips, 
Light reflects off his golden chest,
There's a warm glow around his face,
I admire his graceful demeanor and fitting beauty,
My eyes become highlighters contouring his features,
He says come over here,
We argue over who should come over to whom and I let him win,
And the rest is not as good as the first time I rode up his elevator and pushed the already open door open,
The rest was slower and faster and personal, as we laid in our nakedness and talked about our lives and serial habits and childhood insecurities, 
The rest removed our masks and mysteriousness,
The rest was an exchange of truth as we became known to the other,
And after I got dressed and placed my heart back in my chest he put his sunglasses on, he hid the sunshine and cordially said to me "It was nice seeing you again". 


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