Sunday, August 9, 2015


Poetry is lust for life, 
expression of life, 
of joy, of love, 
poetry is confirmation of existence, 
of beauty, of consciousness, 

poetry is soul speaking, 
an awakened consciousness, 
poetry is vivid observation, 
a heart on fire, a spirit in flames, 

poetry isn't judgment, it isn't criticism, poetry is depiction, 
image, scenery, description, 
it is vision, pure feeling, 
poetry is listening, watching, 
playing, in emotion, 
in beauty, 

poetry is declaration, affirmation, poetry is claiming life, love, being, 
poetry is exploring, navigating, flourishing, growing, cultivating, living, 

poetry is soul potential, 
it's inspiration from muses and angels, 
poetry is consciousness guiding you, 

it's divine thought transference, 
poetry isn't a rhyming verse, a stanza, a dramatic story, poetry is raw, it is passionate, potent, 
poetry is experience echoing back at you,

Poetry is You.


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