Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Be Love Able

In my heartbreak I chose love, compassion, unconditional love, I chose God and faith and purpose, and that comforted my heart and made me a refined soul. It's not about the people who come into our life, it's not about what they do, how they act, it's about how we react, how we treat ourselves everyday. If you choose love you'll grow rich in love, and a rich soul is never lacking love. When we love ourselves and others we don't crave or need anyone, any love, but love is attracted to us from every corner of the world, souls recognize our ability to be love and embrace our spirits with pure love and light. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to love a fool, it made me even more lovable. I'm stronger, healthier, inspired and intolerant to sadness and negative behaviors or persons. Learn from your struggles, move forward with your head up. Don't hold grudges, leave those who you've hurt, leave those who have hurt you. Move forward, love yourself first and foremost! Be sovereign!


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  1. Be Love Able, love reading the words. Can hear them as I read. Be Love Able, that's powerful just those three words.


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