Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You can`t answer death

I`ve ran out of reasons to write
I`ve ran out of things to say

All I feel is an echo
Deep inside my belly
Where I cannot contract
Where I cannot kill
Where I cannot die

Here I must endure its beauty
Grow passionate about what pains me
Here I must love
All the things that hurt me
And accept my enemies as friends
Here I must love
Forgive and understand
Trust and respect who I am

Here I must celebrate life
Here where I cannot swallow pain
And wait it out and bleed it out
Heal and pretend nothing happened
This is not simple
This is difficult
This is where you are defined
Characterized by your own self

Here is where you are happy
When you do what you love
You understand what pleases
The beautiful architecture of life
Amazes and sets a new standard of happiness

A new way to see life and all its miracles
Celebrate being alive today
Tomorrow may not come for you
And you might find yourself lost
In between life and death
In between an echo
Deep inside your soul
Where you cannot contract
Cannot make it go away
By sucking it in
And pretending it doesn`t hurt

You can`t answer your own questions
Your humanity limits you
You cannot see without eyes
And nothing you can do can answer death

I love you, Andrew. I`ll miss you.


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  1. An intense and emotionally charged poem. Many of us going through the same can relate to it. Death is a unquestionable finality and yet, our heart reaches out beyond it to the one who has crossed over, maybe too soon.

    Stay strong.


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