Tuesday, November 2, 2010

House of Memories

I keep them locked in a house of memories
Loved and lonely, sad and satisfied
I feed them hope and a little love
I give enough to keep them comfortable
In my hearts prison

I rarely visit, I send messages
Words serve my affection
Together, unaware, in love, they endure
Always gentle, ever caring and accepting
In my hearts prison

They dreamingly await my return
I do ill to keep them
But I haven’t learned to let go
I hid the keys to their souls
In my hearts prison

Many windows and no doors
They wave at me from single balconies
All dressed in white, ready to make the sacrifice
Selfish, vain, I refrain from choosing
In my hearts prison

Deprived, anxious, lusting success
Ignoring the unchanging reality
One day I’ll grow, evolve and change
Move to a new plane and live with saints
Free from my hearts prison


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