Friday, May 28, 2010

Every Part of You

Just as the everlasting attraction
between the sun and the moon-
You play with my oceans tide
Your desire for me raises and falls
You want me now then you dont want me at all

A part of you stretches out to pull me near
and another tries its hardest to forget
A part of you has given me love
and another does not know me
A part of you sees me as a fleeting ship
disappearing into the mist
While another holds on to my anchor and embraces our love

My heart is lost waiting for these parts of you
How can I appear distant and blurry-
when I am anchored to your heart
In the midst of your yes's and your no's
I hang on and insist in the seconds
that you want me for an instant
in those moments- you are my God and my religion
My all
heart and soul
God's sacred feast-
what i live for

Who knows when
someday, somehow,
one kiss, one moment-
might awaken a desire
and the part of this love that is missing

l want you so

Every part of you



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