Monday, October 11, 2010

My Enemy, Time

My enemy, time
Continues to oppress my life
We cannot rely on our wits
Our foolish ego plays tricks
Happiness is a fleeting experience
Our bodies enslave us
To break free from flesh desires
To know our soul, we must free the senses

A partner, as wonderful as they might be
Will not change who we are meant to be
To fill your heart with one love
To drink from one cup
To eat the same plate everyday
Not enough to sustain
A ritual bound to break us
A faulty contract, a martyr system

Reality is the only constant
Change is an illusion
You must be one with your spirit
To be a realized human being
Life’s tasks are never finished
Many will never ripen and cultivate nothing
Few build and many take
Be giving in moderation, selfish in moderation

Compassion is imperative to your minds wellness
Following your interests and neglecting society
Your duty to your brother, your lover
Will make you sick hearted
Good and evil are attracted opposites
Different but the same
Rational and emotional want each other
Impulsive and patient crave the other

Thirty-three will be my peak
Forty-two, your demise
Bear your soul to God
Fill your heart with friendship, forgiveness
Cherish your family, honor your parents
Fight with no one, think before you offend
These things I learned the hard way

True knowledge of self brings freedom
Of attachments to the world
Nothing is permanent
Happiness is a fading glimpse
Every deed reaps with time
Your evil words hurt your soul
But does not injure mine

Love transcends time and space
My heart extends beyond this planet
Death is a break between flesh and spirit
The in between mortal and eternal
Jealousy is stupidity hiding behind passion
My patience will serve me well
My dreams are attracted to me
While time, my only enemy, plots against me


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